Pricing Structure

Please contact us at if you have questions about our services.


Data Storage

$300/TB per yr $360/TB per yr


constructing applications, databases, or websites
$100/hr $115/hr


(a) Web Apps/Databases
(b) Virtual Machines

(a) $500/yr
(b) $1500/yr

(a) $600/yr
(b) $1900/yr


metadata, proposal writing, data management, some sysadmin, misc.
$100/hr $115/hr

UAS Data Acquisition

drone aerial data collection
please contact us for pricing details
email, ph. (208) 885-4228

NKN operates as an official academic service center with partial financial support from the University of Idaho. This institutional subsidy lowers the costs associated with providing services, subsequently lowering the rates charged to users within the University of Idaho. However, federal regulations require that external Service Center Users must be charged unsubsidized, fully-costed rates.

In simplest terms, we define Internal and External Users as:

*Internal User: Internal NKN Service Center Users are academic users affiliated with the University of Idaho who pay for NKN services using direct charges against a UI budget number. Examples include departments and PIs within the University of Idaho and any grants administered by the University of Idaho (including subcontracts).

**External User: External NKN Service Center Users are an entity or person that is legally separate from the University of Idaho but who wish to purchase services from NKN. Examples include PIs from affiliated universities, private firms, and commercial research laboratories.