Data Management Resources

How to be Open with Data

without becoming scientifically vulnerable


Plan Your Workflow

Use this step-by-step guide to document and publish your data

Publish Your Data

Upload your data to UI's official data repository managed by NKN

Get a DOI

Make your data citable, findable, and persistent by publishing your data with NKN, and we can issue a DOI


Proposal writing resources

Funding agencies increasingly require a proposal to contain a data management plan.

If you plan to include NKN services in your research protocol, we encourage you to contact NKN early in the proposal development process. We can help draft a data management plan, assist with proposal development, and supply a cost estimate for any proposed work.


U of I Resources

U of I Library

Get guidance on Data Management and Planning including a checklist, examples, and templates

High Performance Computing

The IBEST Computational Resources Core provides computing services, data storage and consultation for the biomedical research community at U of I

Human Subjects Research

All researchers studying Human Subjects are required to complete online CITI training and get Internal Review Board (IRB) approval

Animal Research

The IACUC ensures the humane care and use of animals in teaching and research

Genomics Research

The IBEST Genomics Resources Core provides researchers from the University of Idaho access to technology, experience, and expertise in genomics research

Modeling Complex Interactions

The CMCI is a multidisciplinary, collaborative research program bringing together faculty and students from both the empirical and modeling realms to work on complex problems

Social Ecological Systems Research

The Center for Resilient Communities (CRC) applies interdisciplinary research – informed by geographical, ecological, landscape, anthropological, and systems theories – to develop and apply SES science


Regional Data (Free!)

NKN Data Repository

The place to access research data from the University of Idaho

U of I Library Digital Collections

Access to U of I Library digital collections, including Idaho Digital Waters


Idaho's largest geospatial data clearinghouse with access to maps, layers, and spatial imagery


National Resources


A virtual system that scientists can use to interactively share computing resources, data and expertise


Provides access to data across multiple member repositories, supports enhanced search and discovery of Earth and environmental data