Federal Requirements

In February 2013, the White House’s Office of Science and Technology Policy issued a memorandum "Increasing Access to the Results of Federally Funded Scientific Research" directing all Federal Agencies with more the $100 million in research and development expenses to create public access plans. These plans outline steps the agencies already have in place and plan to explore and implement to make the results of federally-funded research freely accessible to the public. Generally, research results include manuscripts published in peer-reviewed journals and the digital data used to validate those findings. At this stage (early 2016) most agency plans are in effect for the sharing of manuscripts and the details concerning how and where data should be shared are being developed.

Select an agency listed below for more information on what will be required of those who submit research proposals to these agencies. To learn more, see this online resource from SPARC/Johns Hopkins.


Date Finalized
To whom/what new policies apply Proposals submitted beginning January 2016
Manuscript sharing Manuscripts & juried conference proceedings
Data sharing Phased approach, comply with DMPs
Data Management Plan

Required; Follow existing DMP policies (issued Jan 2011); DMP must accompany proposals and be followed in terms of sharing data with the public

Metadata standards for data

None specified

Metadata standards for manuscripts MLA, APA, Chicago, Bibtex
Availability Timing & Embargo policies for data No recommendations; should be included as part of proposal DMP
Availability Timing & Embargo policies for manuscripts MLA, APA, Chicago, Bibtex
Current approved repositories for data

None specified

Current approved repositories for manuscripts

DOE PAGES; PI's own institution's repository but provide metadata and link in DOE PAGES

Offers DOIs

Not specified

Uses or plans to use CrossRef Yes
Uses or plans to use FundRef Yes
Plans to approve additional repositories for data Yes, will be working over 3 yrs to establish best practices and standards for metadata and repositories; will develop criteria and guidelines; issues include long-term storage and preservation, search, interoperability, persistent identifiers
Plans to approve additional repositories for manuscripts Yes, must been the standards of the OSTP 2/22/2013 memorandum; must have 508-compliant search capability; working with CHORUS and SHARE; will develop criteria and guidelines
Consult with other agencies & community Yes
Other future plans DMP compliance system
Revisions planned None specified
Other notes