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Fire Research And Management Exchange System (FRAMES) provides an exchange of information and technology within the wildland fire research and management community.

NKN provides virtual machines, data storage, website and database development/hosting, systems administration, and consulting services to FRAMES.

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Idaho EPSCoR logo

Idaho Established Program to Stimulate Competitive Research (EPSCoR) stimulates research in niche areas that can become fully competitive in the disciplinary and multidisciplinary research programs of NSF and other relevant agencies.

NKN partners with Idaho EPSCoR on numerous projects, providing data storage, website/database development and hosting, and consulting services.

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Regional Approaches to Climate Change (REACCH) is a coordinated agricultural project to improve cereal production systems in the Pacific Northwest under climate change, while reducing emissions of greenhouse gases.

NKN provides virtual machines, data storage, website and database development/hosting, systems administration, and consulting services to REACCH.

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IGS logo

Idaho Geological Survey (IGS) is a non-regulatory state agency that leads in the collection, interpretation, and dissemination of geologic and mineral data for Idaho.

NKN provides virtual machines, data storage, website and database development/hosting, and systems administration to IGS.

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trees and mountains image

The Intermountain Forestry Cooperative (IFC) is a research cooperative composed of public and private forestry organizations interested in forest nutrient availability for the purpose of prescribing appropriate treatments to achieve management objectives.

NKN provides systems administration services for IFC.

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LAR logo

The Laboratory for Atmospheric Research (LAR) at Washington State University is a multi-disciplinary group focused on air-quality graduate education and research.

NKN supports LAR activities by providing web-applications development and data visualization, particularly with AIRPACT and ClearSky predictive models for air quality in the Pacific Northwest.

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MOSS Adventure Learning

The MOSS Adventure Learning website offers students an opportunity to share their learning experiences while at the McCall Outdoor Science School. Followers can participate in the adventure through the blogs, MOSS-created lessons, and by browsing collected data.

NKN developed and hosts the MOSS AL website.

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MACA image

The Multivariate Adaptive Constructed Analogs (MACA) method is a statistical downscaling method for climate model output. The MACA dataset is intended for users who require daily meteorological data to drive models or assess climate adaptation. The dataset downscales a large set of variables making it ideal for different kinds of modeling of future climate.

NKN provided data storage for MACA datasets and hosts the MACA website.

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NW-CSC logo

The Northwest Climate Science Center (NW-CSC) combines academic expertise with federal resources to advance climate science development and delivery for managers and policy makers in the Northwest region.

NKN developed and hosts the NW-CSC academic website and the related Climate Boot Camp website, and provides web development and database applications support.

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USDA NW Climate Hub logo

The Northwest Regional Climate Hub delivers science-based knowledge and practical information to farmers, ranchers, forest landowners, and Native American tribes that will help them to adapt to climate change. The Hub encompasses Alaska, Idaho, Oregon, and Washington.

NKN provides data storage and systems administration support for the Northwest Climate Hub. NKN also hosts and helped to develop the Northwest Climate Toolbox — a collection of web tools for visualizing past and projected climate and hydrology of the Pacific Northwest.

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CBRAT logo

Coastal Biodiversity Risk Analysis Tool (CBRAT) is an ecoinformatics platform synthesizing the biogeographic distributions, abundances, life history attributes, and environmental tolerances of near-coastal invertebrates and fishes to 200 m depth at an ecoregion scale.

NKN provides virtual machine hosting for CBRAT.

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CIRC logo

The Pacific Northwest Climate Impacts Research Consortium (CIRC) is a research organization funded by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration to provide policy makers, resource managers, and fellow researchers with the best available science covering the changing climate of Oregon, Washington, Idaho, and western Montana.

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ECCF logo

The Early Career Climate Forum provides a space for those affiliated with Department of the Interior Climate Science Centers to interact, discuss topics and find climate-relevant resources. Participants are early career scientists, managers and others working at the science management interface on climate change issues.

NKN developed and hosts the ECCF website.

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GLOBAL: Globodera Alliance

The Globodera Alliance (GLOBAL) is a group of research, extension, and education professionals from the University of Idaho, Oregon State University, Cornell University, USDA, Agriculture and Agro-Food Canada, and The James Hutton Institute. Research for the USDA-funded GLOBAL project focuses on risk assessment and eradication of potato cyst nematodes.

NKN provides web development support and hosting of the multilingual GLOBAL website.

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IdahoView logo

IdahoView is part of the AmericaView Consortium, which is comprised of university-led, state-based consortia working together to build a nationwide network of state and local remote sensing users.

NKN provides web hosting and development support for IdahoView.

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inside idaho logo

INSIDE Idaho is the official geospatial data clearinghouse for the State of Idaho. INSIDE Idaho serves as a comprehensive geospatial data digital library, providing access to, and a context within which to use, geospatial data and information by, for, and about Idaho.

NKN provides data storage and website hosting for INSIDE Idaho.

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Kooskia Japanese Internment Camp Archeological Project

Kooskia Japanese Internment Camp Archeological Project (KICAP)
Through KICAP, University of Idaho researchers are creating a digital database of archaeological specimens from WWII Internment in Idaho. NKN hosts and provides database/web applications support for the KICAP website (in development).

LANDFIRE FBFM Guidebook/Database

LANDFIRE, Landscape Fire and Resource Management Planning Tools, provides landscape-scale, geo-spatial products to support cross-boundary planning, management, and operations within the U.S.

NKN hosts and provides database and development support for a LANDFIRE Fire Behavior Fuel Model (FBFM) Guidebook-Database website.

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Northern Rockies Fire Science logo

The Northern Rockies Fire Science Network (NRFSN) is a go-to resource for managers and scientists involved in fire and fuels management in the Rocky Mountains of Idaho, Montana, Washington, and Wyoming.

NKN provides database and web development support for NRFSN.

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Tribal Climate Camp image

The Tribal Climate Camp (TTCC) supports teams of tribal leaders, climate change coordinators, planners, and program managers to build skills, gather information, and develop tribal policy needed to address climate change impacts.

NKN developed, maintains, and hosts the TTCC website.

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idaho master water stewards logo

IDAH2O Master Water Stewards promotes the health of Idaho's water through volunteer water quality monitoring. The main focus of IDAH2O is to educate citizens on the status of their water quality and to help them understand the effects on streams, rivers and lakes. All data collected through the IDAH2O program is submitted to a public database hosted on their website.

» Visit the IDAH2O website
Idaho pathways image

Idaho Pathways is a collaborative project to build strategies for stimulating economic growth and development across the state. The project will gather information from Idaho's six Economic Development Districts and help each region revitalize its official comprehensive economic development strategy, then create a statewide plan of action.

NKN provided database support for this project.

Climate Science Centers image

The National Climate Science Centers provide scientific information, tools and techniques that land, water, wildlife and cultural resource managers and other interested parties can apply to anticipate, monitor and adapt to climate and ecologically-driven responses at regional-to-local scales. The scope and reach of climate science is expanded by the establishment of eight regional Climate Science Centers.

NKN assists with data management at the national and regional scale.

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AgClimate logo

The AgClimate Network is a web-based hub for data, analysis and communication between regional scientists and stakeholders about climate change and agricultural and natural resources topics. A consortium of institutions including Oregon State University, University of Idaho, and Washington State University, and individuals contribute content to this site and share articles and analyses.

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Kimberly logo

At the Kimberly Research and Extension Center, current research focuses on dry beans, irrigation and water resources, and potatoes. Additionally, the center is home for the Foundation Seed Program which produces and cleans foundation class seed for the state in cooperation with the other research and extension centers.

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